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Diversity Foundation, Inc. is committed to bridging the gaps between people of all cultures and ethnicity. 

Diversity Foundation's primary focus has been and conitnues  to help facilitate "Reconciliation and Outreach" between and among European and Native American descendants; whose ancestors once lived and called Minnesota their pre-European "Ancestrial Homeland".


The Diversity Foundation (DF) continues to work with the Crow Creek Reservation and other disadvantaged  Dakota/Lakota Reservations- Lakota Indian Reservations across the Great Plains  partnering with the USMC with our annual Toys for Tots drive (15 reservations), along with delivering other humanitarian relief efforts including  clothes, beds, furniture and other household items.


Since 1995 the Diversity Foundation has interviewd many Native Elders and has helped organized many reconciliation events across Southern Minnesota communities. (i.e. Winona, Rochester, Mankato, Wabasha, Pipestone) along with many Dakota - Lakota reservations across the Great Plains and Manitoba Canada.


Our current and future efforts include forming partnerships and alliances to develop programs that will provide sustainable housing, health care, jobs and economic development on the Crow Creek Nation as well as other reservations.  

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